Like every year, team rider Arthur Morand and his father go on a freeride trip somewhere remote. Last year it was in Svalbard, Norway, the year before it was on Baffin Island and this year Alaska. Here is the story of his incredible trip:

We left Switzerland with an awful amount of kit and after 15 hours of travelling we reached Anchorage. The last leg of the journey was done on a small aircraft to reach our the final destination: Little Switzerland. This is a remove place about 100 miles North of Anchorage, in the middle of the high peaks.


We set our basecamp there, in the middle of all those incredible mountains and luckily the weather was on our side. We explored the area around our camp and quickly understood why all the best freeriders come to Alaska! Everything here is bigger, steeper and deeper. We struggled a bit getting to the top of some of the couloirs we spotted the day before because the deepness of the snow.




The highlight of the trip was definitively riding Royal Tower. Royal Tower is this incredible, super steep line. Luckily for us, the weather and the snow were good on the day and after a few hours climbing (literrally) we got to the top. The way down was as exciting as scary.





After 5 days of sunny weather, we had 5 straight days of bad weather with wind but mostly snowing. We spent our days sleeping, eating and shoveling snow, because yes it snowed in total over 1oft (3m)…





The sun came back out, however with the amount it snowed the snowpack was very unstable. We couldn’t ski much the last few days due to the high avalanche risk. I’m a bit annoyed we couldn’t ski more in this incredible region. Better luck next time!


Arthur Morand