The comp season is just around the corner and I travelled to Stubai in Austria with the Comite de ski de Savoie to get ready for it. My coach, the legendary Florent Cuviller, who’s been putting guys in the top 10 of every comp in France for the past few years is with us for the entire trip. Our day start at 10am on the glacier and after 4-5 hours of non-stop skiing we work on helping our bodies recover for the next day. This means physio, stretching and “soft” activites on our bodies.


The weather has been a problem throughout our time in Stubai with only a few days of real good weather. At the end of last week was the first European Cup of the year, which was still held despite the tricky weather. I’m happy with my runs, and end up 47th out of 92, not bad considering the quality of the riders present there.


I put down a solid run with a dub cork 10, an unat cork 7, a rodeo 7, a surface 7 and a forward. I did a few mistakes on my landings putting me down a bit, but overall I’m happy with my performance. It did show me that I need to keep working on my tricks and also get some new ones in. I’m working on a few dubs, namely dub 10, switch dub 9, dub bio 10 and also to work on my rail skills. It’s my biggest weakness, but isn’t always easy to work on as our parks in France have a lot of kickers and generally not many good rails.

Written in French by Owen Branjonneau (@owenbranjonneau) and translated by Kevin Meynard (@kevinmeynard).

Like every year, team rider Arthur Morand and his father go on a freeride trip somewhere remote. Last year it was in Svalbard, Norway, the year before it was on Baffin Island and this year Alaska. Here is the story of his incredible trip:

We left Switzerland with an awful amount of kit and after 15 hours of travelling we reached Anchorage. The last leg of the journey was done on a small aircraft to reach our the final destination: Little Switzerland. This is a remove place about 100 miles North of Anchorage, in the middle of the high peaks.


We set our basecamp there, in the middle of all those incredible mountains and luckily the weather was on our side. We explored the area around our camp and quickly understood why all the best freeriders come to Alaska! Everything here is bigger, steeper and deeper. We struggled a bit getting to the top of some of the couloirs we spotted the day before because the deepness of the snow.




The highlight of the trip was definitively riding Royal Tower. Royal Tower is this incredible, super steep line. Luckily for us, the weather and the snow were good on the day and after a few hours climbing (literrally) we got to the top. The way down was as exciting as scary.





After 5 days of sunny weather, we had 5 straight days of bad weather with wind but mostly snowing. We spent our days sleeping, eating and shoveling snow, because yes it snowed in total over 1oft (3m)…





The sun came back out, however with the amount it snowed the snowpack was very unstable. We couldn’t ski much the last few days due to the high avalanche risk. I’m a bit annoyed we couldn’t ski more in this incredible region. Better luck next time!


Arthur Morand


The first ever contest organise by RYFT took place on the 21st February in Chatel, France. The weather was truly awful for the event, with snow, wind and fog…. Around 30 riders turned up, a bit less than what we were hoping but to be honest, with the s*it weather we are stoked the riders didn’t just decide to stay home!


We weren’t able to do a traditional slopestyle, and had to break down the course in two. The morning the riders hit the kickers and after a sick BBQ by the local guys from All 4 Ride, the rails in the afternoon. This weird organisation allowed us to actually have the contest as the conditions progressively got worst and worst throughout the day. The kickers were simply impossible to be hit as you couldn’t spot the landings and speed was also an issue.


The two top spots of the contest were claimed by Swiss riders Mathieur Leitner and Mathieu Hulliger, followed closely by local rider Ben Pollet. In the -16 years old comp, Lohan Rocher took first place followed by his friend Nelson Garnier, and Swiss rider Leon Denervaud. In the snowboard category it’s Simon Maxit who took the top spot with some massive airs.

sans titre-28

Mathieu Hulliger, 2nd.

sans titre-29

Mathieur Leitner, the winner.


sans titre-62


sans titre-90


sans titre-83



The season openened in Europe in mid November for a lot of resorts with a big snowfall. With such a good start to the winter season few thought that we will be skiing in t-shirts in December…

Our guys from Hippy Family hit Les 2 Alpes in mid December for a park sesh and shoot some lifestyle photos for Ryft goggles. Check out some of the sick shots by Germain Favre Felix : Germ Photographie
Rift portrait1
A different strategy was to perform a “Candide Thovex” by simply riding leafes in forest. Our friends at Friski Team with Arthur Morand, Raphael Huber and Alexandre Schouwey polished  their freeride skills in a forest near their home in Switzerland, off course still wearing their Ryft goggles.

The sponsor me contest is now over and we can only way one thing: Thank you to everyone who took part! We’ve received over 120 entries from around the world which together got 28369 votes!


The overall winner of the contest was the rider with the most votes. Parker Milbrath grabbed the top spot with 8497 votes.


The further 3 spots were decided by judges and it’s Sam Zahner (2512 votes), Henri Immonen (1106 votes) and Henri Mustonen (203 votes) who got each a sponsorship deal.


Check out their respective edits below!


Parker Milbrath’s

Sam Zahner’s

Henri Immonen’s

Superunknown XII Semi-Finalist Henri Immonen from Level 1 on Vimeo.

Henri Mustonen’s

As you guys probably have seen, we’ve launched a sponsor me contest at the start of the month. We are basically looking for 4 riders to join our team. To take part it’s super simple, you just have to submit a video edit! The rider with the most votes will win a 1 year contract with us and 3 further riders will be picked by a jury.


We have received dozens of edits from all around the world. Right now two guys, Parker Milbrath and Sam Zahner, are leading the pack with each nearly 300 votes! The general level of the competition is very high, with tons of sick edits being submitted. There is still a lot of time left to enter the comp so don’t hesitate to take part.


To enter and vote visit:


Good luck to everyone!



The whole crew from Ryft goggles went last night to the now classic IF3 event in London. The event was held at Clapham Junction and saw a decent crowd turn up to see the latest freeski movies. All the ingredients were there for a sick night, with cheap(ish) beer, free popcorn and a bunch of pros there to rep their latest movie.

The night started with the British movie from Perspective Studios “Misconceptions”, introduced on stage by Callum Welch and Mike Rowlands. This movie was an absolute banger, with loads of sick shots. We found that it was overall a very good movie with nice variety of spots, strong riding and editing.

“Fried Ice” by the Line Travelling Circus crew was straight fire. Amazing shots throughout the movie, basically what you would expect from the guys. Very creative, and in some really unusual spots. A sort of episode of Travelling Circus, but on steroids.





The best movie of the night was defintively in our opinion “Passenger” by the guys from Legs of Steel. The list of riders featured was nuts and the movie really depicted modern freeskiing with shots in the street, deep pow, and insane kickers. The now classic multi kicker shot was once again super sick. Spoiler alert though, there is no quad cork in the movie. Let’s just stop the rumour now.








During this summer I focused on preparing myself for the upcoming season by doing a lot of athletics, running, stretching, trampolining and also some jibbing. Every day before starting work at 06:30 am,  I was running up and down the slopes of Sella Nevea (1850mt of drop) in Italy. Trail running is ideal to keep my knees fit, and ready for a long winter. Once at the top, I would add some arms and shoulders exercises to get a complete workout.


On the top of Sella Nevea (Bilapec)


I made a big point this off season to get more flexible, in order to get more grabs in my tricks but also to reduce the risk of injury. I would typically do it just before going to bed outside my house in the Italian Alps. The view could be worse…11356658_1154024884614969_113014319_n(1)

Three times a week I would head out to go trampolining. I’m focusing on improving my dub’s and unnatural spins. I’ve improved massively over the summer with tons of new grabs and a few new tricks. I just can’t wait for winter to come so that I can try them all on snow!TrampFLATOn top of this summer routine, I went training with the North East Italian Freestyle Team. We would usually go trampolining, or water jumping and also do a bunch of physical training such as strength and conditioning but also a lot of proprioception. We also got the chance to visit a big gym with tons of trampolines with foam pits. It really was the ideal place to work on my new tricks.

jibslackHere some good vibes in Sella Nevea on my slackline


We are at the end of September and I will be back on the skis on November for Modena Skipass, a contest held in Italy. After that I will get down to HIntertux to shred the glacier and shortly after I will be in Livignio for the season! Not long until the mountains become white and the resorts start opening!

Luca Minigher



Alexis Prieur spent some of his summer shreddin the park in Les 2 Alpes with Nathan Pecqueur Col. The park wasn’t huge this year, the lack of snow made it difficult for the shappers to build decent kickers unfortunately. The rails were spot on though, with some really varied lines. The season is just around the corner, with some contest starting in less than a month now already!

Check out their edit below.

$HREDDING AT 2ALPE$ from Alexis Prieur on Vimeo.