The comp season is just around the corner and I travelled to Stubai in Austria with the Comite de ski de Savoie to get ready for it. My coach, the legendary Florent Cuviller, who’s been putting guys in the top 10 of every comp in France for the past few years is with us for the entire trip. Our day start at 10am on the glacier and after 4-5 hours of non-stop skiing we work on helping our bodies recover for the next day. This means physio, stretching and “soft” activites on our bodies.


The weather has been a problem throughout our time in Stubai with only a few days of real good weather. At the end of last week was the first European Cup of the year, which was still held despite the tricky weather. I’m happy with my runs, and end up 47th out of 92, not bad considering the quality of the riders present there.


I put down a solid run with a dub cork 10, an unat cork 7, a rodeo 7, a surface 7 and a forward. I did a few mistakes on my landings putting me down a bit, but overall I’m happy with my performance. It did show me that I need to keep working on my tricks and also get some new ones in. I’m working on a few dubs, namely dub 10, switch dub 9, dub bio 10 and also to work on my rail skills. It’s my biggest weakness, but isn’t always easy to work on as our parks in France have a lot of kickers and generally not many good rails.

Written in French by Owen Branjonneau (@owenbranjonneau) and translated by Kevin Meynard (@kevinmeynard).