Luca Minigher getting ready for the winter


During this summer I focused on preparing myself for the upcoming season by doing a lot of athletics, running, stretching, trampolining and also some jibbing. Every day before starting work at 06:30 am,  I was running up and down the slopes of Sella Nevea (1850mt of drop) in Italy. Trail running is ideal to keep my knees fit, and ready for a long winter. Once at the top, I would add some arms and shoulders exercises to get a complete workout.


On the top of Sella Nevea (Bilapec)


I made a big point this off season to get more flexible, in order to get more grabs in my tricks but also to reduce the risk of injury. I would typically do it just before going to bed outside my house in the Italian Alps. The view could be worse…11356658_1154024884614969_113014319_n(1)

Three times a week I would head out to go trampolining. I’m focusing on improving my dub’s and unnatural spins. I’ve improved massively over the summer with tons of new grabs and a few new tricks. I just can’t wait for winter to come so that I can try them all on snow!TrampFLATOn top of this summer routine, I went training with the North East Italian Freestyle Team. We would usually go trampolining, or water jumping and also do a bunch of physical training such as strength and conditioning but also a lot of proprioception. We also got the chance to visit a big gym with tons of trampolines with foam pits. It really was the ideal place to work on my new tricks.

jibslackHere some good vibes in Sella Nevea on my slackline


We are at the end of September and I will be back on the skis on November for Modena Skipass, a contest held in Italy. After that I will get down to HIntertux to shred the glacier and shortly after I will be in Livignio for the season! Not long until the mountains become white and the resorts start opening!

Luca Minigher



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