The first ever contest organise by RYFT took place on the 21st February in Chatel, France. The weather was truly awful for the event, with snow, wind and fog…. Around 30 riders turned up, a bit less than what we were hoping but to be honest, with the s*it weather we are stoked the riders didn’t just decide to stay home!


We weren’t able to do a traditional slopestyle, and had to break down the course in two. The morning the riders hit the kickers and after a sick BBQ by the local guys from All 4 Ride, the rails in the afternoon. This weird organisation allowed us to actually have the contest as the conditions progressively got worst and worst throughout the day. The kickers were simply impossible to be hit as you couldn’t spot the landings and speed was also an issue.


The two top spots of the contest were claimed by Swiss riders Mathieur Leitner and Mathieu Hulliger, followed closely by local rider Ben Pollet. In the -16 years old comp, Lohan Rocher took first place followed by his friend Nelson Garnier, and Swiss rider Leon Denervaud. In the snowboard category it’s Simon Maxit who took the top spot with some massive airs.

sans titre-28

Mathieu Hulliger, 2nd.

sans titre-29

Mathieur Leitner, the winner.


sans titre-62


sans titre-90


sans titre-83